March Update

It's about time for a little update! 

I created a new Facebook group called Lucky Diapers by Shamrocks & Tangerines. Come over and join to see sneak peeks of new prints, advance notice of listings, and see other's Lucky stashes! 

BabyFest was very successful and have a few orders to finish up from that. Mainly I'm waiting on a bulk order of snap colors to come in to finish a handful of diapers up from that. 

Speaking of, in about a week or so, I will be offering a wider variety of snap color options! I'm waiting until that bulk order comes in before I list the new colors. But yeah for more options!

And just a quick thank you to all of you! It's been amazing to see how this little business of mine is growing and obviously I couldn't do it without you! 

Come join my group and post you Lucky stashes and on the bum pictures! 


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