New Lining

I'm way overdue for an update!  Due to a supply chain issue, I'm having to change my lining fabric for the time being. Instead of having a white suedecloth lining, I will now be using a grey microfleece lining. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to the suedecloth in a few months, but for now, all diapers made from this point forward will be made with a grey microfleece lining.  There is also a new option to upgrade your made-to-order diapers to a cover. There is a separate listing that you'll need add to your order to make your...

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March Update

It's about time for a little update!  I created a new Facebook group called Lucky Diapers by Shamrocks & Tangerines. Come over and join to see sneak peeks of new prints, advance notice of listings, and see other's Lucky stashes!  BabyFest was very successful and have a few orders to finish up from that. Mainly I'm waiting on a bulk order of snap colors to come in to finish a handful of diapers up from that.  Speaking of, in about a week or so, I will be offering a wider variety of snap color options! I'm waiting until that bulk...

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Website down

Hello! Website will be down Saturday March 12th - 13th while I prepare and attend BabyFest as a vendor. It'll be back up Monday morning the 14th. Sorry for the inconvenience!  - Amanda

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I'm back!

I'm back! From vacation! And I have a lot of work to do! Spending time with family was great. I only get to see my sister and brother and their families twice a year; New Years is one of them. We drove from San Diego to Seattle visiting a few friends and some family along the way, then spent a few days at my parents house and celebrated Christmas. As as family, we all shared a 24 hour stomach bug that swept rapidly through the house showing no mercy. Each day a few new people would say their tummy was...

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coupon coupon code

Hi there! As you can tell, the look of my shop is a bit different. After much research (done by my husband) we decided to switch over to Shopify.  What does this mean for you? Well, now you'll be able to create you're own customer account to help with speedy checkout, keep track of your order history, and improve how I can best serve you.  Please look around and try things out! Any feedback would be great and I'm still getting everything configured and learning how to best serve you! Great customer service is really important to me!  As a friendly reminder,...

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